Do Girls Like the Athletic Body of Men?

What constitution do girls like best? To answer this question, we specifically interviewed hundreds of women on the street. The survey was conducted among girls who were completely different in mind so that some kind of interrelation could be found. After all, everyone’s tastes are completely different, but in terms of the male physique, we still found some similarities. And now let’s talk about it.

To begin with, let’s talk about how important appearance is. After all, someone believes that a man can be a little prettier than a monkey — the main thing is to support the woman financially. And someone chooses a male according to the appearance. The third type of girls needs both. However, today we will not talk about the financial part and take into account only the body.

What is the first thing the girls pay attention to when they see a man?

As the survey showed, this is the face and shoulder girdle. Legs, according to women, are not so striking. And if there is no too evident imbalance between the muscles of the legs and the upper body, then this will look quite acceptable. The main thing is that the legs should not be too thin, while the upper body is more developed. Also, girls strongly pay attention to men’s abs. Cubes, almost in the very first place, are mentioned by all the girls interviewed without exception. And if they are allowed to compare a massive athlete and a dried-up guy with cubes on their stomachs, then they choose the second option. That is, we can conclude that it is dry bodies that girls have in priority.

But what about bodyweight? After all, no matter how many women are included in the questionnaire, all the girls said that they did not like bodybuilders. And that they also have a very negative attitude to doping. It is possible to state that the man should not be too big. At the same time, it is essential to have good muscles.

Another interesting fact was that the measure and perception of the male body strongly depend on the girl herself and, in particular, on how athletic she is. Those ladies who visit the gym have a slightly different concept of a perfect body. And they don’t like the thin guys anymore.

Some girls said that the body should just be a little pumped up (like a football player), and they do not need big muscles. The main thing is that a man remains a man inside. And form is just a good bonus.

Summing up, it is necessary to say that the ideal body type that everyone would like without exception does not exist. And if a girl really likes you, then her priorities may change precisely in the direction of your body type.

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