How to organize Scandinavian-style interiors

One of the most popular styles is also one of the simplest. We learn to create a Scandinavian atmosphere in the home.
Scandinavian style has many advantages: simplicity, economy, respect for the environment, and great possibilities for the imagination. The recipe is this: a snow-white background and bright accents on it. But there are some nuances, especially because the beauty of the Scandinavian interior depends on a variety of conditions. Specialists from “Leroy Merlin” said what you need to know before you start repairing.
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Restrictions and minimalism

If the Scandinavian interior has always been your dream, you shouldn’t give it up. However, in order for this style to fit perfectly, it is necessary to take into account its characteristics. Firstly, it requires good lighting, so large windows, and a positive side will be an advantage. Secondly, it needs space and a minimum of furniture, otherwise, it will be a completely different style.
In the light and sober interior, you will feel much calmer and more relaxed. So if you don’t want to fall asleep while on the move, remember that tension and darkness are the worst enemies of the Scandinavian style. And it’s perfect for lovers of orders and those who are distracted by unnecessary lines and jewelry. Scandinavian style is very close to minimalism and everything in it is not accidental.
White color and bright spots
As a rule, the main color in the Scandinavian style is white or pastel shades close to it. In the decoration of the walls and ceiling here you will not find colored paints and complex prints, the base is almost always monochromatic or with a large motif in soft colors. The purpose of the white color of the walls is the most functional: to reflect the light and make the rooms more spacious, warmer, and more comfortable.
Natural shades combined with white are a wonderful canvas to create your Scandinavian image. Fortunately “Leroy Merlin” There are entire wallpaper collections for the Scandinavian style – usually with a geometric pattern in the same pastel shades. If this option is close to you, let the background not be on all walls, but only one, the others will remain white. With the same principle, a wall can be made bright, but solid.
The monochromatic wall can be painted! From June to “Leroy Merlin” Eco-friendly paints appear, the only ones in Russia that have received the official brochure of the eco-label, which are absolutely safe to use.

Materials from nature
Modern fashion for eco-friendly materials and natural elements in the interior began with the Scandinavian style. This is how the branches, the stumps, the rough wooden surfaces appeared for the first time in the premises. Wood and other natural materials are the basis of the Scandinavian interior. The colors, of course, should also be neutral and natural, but the individual elements can be colored. The most popular shades are pale pink, yellow, blue, mint, dark blue, dark green. Here is the perfect Scandinavian palette!
If you still choose artificial materials, let them imitate the texture or texture of their natural counterparts. Stone countertops, wooden furniture, paper, cotton, linen, wool, ceramic plates: all this fits perfectly in your interior. And “mast have” is also a live plant in any quantity.

Neutral furniture

In addition, Scandinavian interior furniture must be made of natural materials, but they have other characteristics. It should be simple, concise, and as neutral as possible. If you suddenly want to use a Scandinavian chair or chest of drawers in a completely different interior, then supplied adapted as if they were always there.
Yet all these furniture are as equipped as possible: convenient drawers, large shelves, sliding mechanisms, and many tricks for reasonable use of space. Every centimeter plays an important role!
Roomble opinion, editorial:

  • Scandinavian style has many advantages. All materials and furnishings are easy to find, respectful of the environment, very easy to maintain, easily replaceable, repainted, and in any case very cheap. The most convenient solution is to buy everything for Scandinavian-style repair at once, in one place, and at good prices.
    Warm and airy fabrics
    Fabrics in Scandinavian interiors play a special role. This is definitely not the place for multi-layered curtains and draperies. The windows should be as open as possible, and therefore are often hanged with translucent curtains or bright, light curtains in the wings, just to decorate the window. Bright decorative cushions are often chosen to match them with curtains because the color spots look good on a neutral background.
    The second important purpose of fabrics in Scandinavian interiors is warmth. That’s why there are always wool rugs, knitted rugs, bedspreads, and fur coats. In the northern countries, it is rarely hot, so we can understand their inhabitants. Warm textiles will be useful in any home!
    Functional lighting

As you may have guessed, natural lighting is a very important aspect in the Scandinavian style. That is why the windows here are more often free of curtains, facing the positive side, and in front of them there are mirrors or an empty white wall to reflect the light. But you can’t go far in sunlight, so the Scandinavians reflect on the lighting of their interiors in the smallest details.
Here and chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. There are many lamps, so they should be as small and as modest as possible. Their main aesthetic task is to create such lighting that instantly transforms the cold gray room into a warm and welcoming one. And don’t forget the candles! However, real live fire is the best way to heat yourself and your home.
Eclectic accents

And now tell the funniest. The Scandinavian style works according to strict rules, but these rules are forgotten as soon as it comes to furniture. Here eclecticism and fantasy of interior owners reign. From the beginning, it was not a style feature at all, but the habit of people to keep in mind the most beautiful, bright, and fun decorative elements so that the white interior was not boring.
Now, the appearance of accents in the Scandinavian style is a must, which can be lengthened for years by gradually selecting the appropriate furniture. Incompatible objects from different countries, dishes from different stores, bright covers of books and magazines, fresh flowers, paintings and photographs that can be mixed and glued in different frames, and then hung on the walls – all this goes. So do successful experiments!

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