7 Simple Advice That Will Help You in the Gym

Success in the gym, as in any aspect of life, comes with an understanding of the fundamentals. Now it’s fashionable to try something new, exotic, unusual, for example, Bowflex treadclimber without any review but after all, all the working techniques have long been invented.

1. Only focus on the long term success

Most people train with some short-term goals in mind. This is not a completely correct approach. Do you understand the difference between the short and long term profit? Avoid thinking about short-term results. Look at things more broadly and all these intermediate results will come by themselves.

2. You need a training schedule

Many people train irregularly because they try to think about things that they don’t need to think about at all. When would I come to the gym next time? It turns out that nowadays for training you need to be motivated and inspired. What about stopping perceiving sport as something that stands out in everyday life and making it part of life, part of your daily plan? 

3. Focus on basic exercises

Too often in the gym, there are people of “modest” physique trying to work on the external head of the biceps in the absence of biceps per se. Some of this may come out but in general (and especially for beginners) there is a simple truth: you need to focus on the most complex, basic exercises that include as many muscle groups as possible.

4. Don’t hurry 

For many people, “working out well” means either a very intense workout, or experiencing subsequent muscle pain, or training to failure. That might be commendable. The desire and ambition in sports are just wonderful but for a start, it will be useful to create a certain base, foundation.

5. Gradual weekly progress

At this point, you need to make a special emphasis. People go to the gym, do the same exercises with the same weight, and at the same time do not feel the increase in strength. There are many options, but the rule is one: increase the load gradually. Your potential will not keep pace with your impatience. Moreover, progress is ensured not only by an increase in working weight.

6. Keep a training diary

What can be counted can be controlled. How will you follow the previous rule if you can’t remember the indicators from the last workout? There is Google Play and AppStore with thousands of sports applications for fixing training activity. Applications are good because being based on the entered data, they can build visual graphs, according to which anyone can easily track progress.

7. Make the action plan for today

  • find a gym in your area;
  • download a training journal on your smartphone;
  • make a training plan, focusing on basic exercises;
  • start classes with small weights;
  • gradually increase the load every week.

Good luck with your workout!

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