The Rules of Powerball

a straightforward guide for South Africans on how to play powerball.

Powerball Rules in South Africa

In the simplest terms, Powerball can be described as a lottery game in which numbered balls are held in drums. The assembled numbered balls, once chosen, are used to choose a winner whose lottery ticket matches the chosen numbers.

Background of Powerball

For more than ten years, Powerball has been a well-liked gambling game on the African continent. A lot of South African players are drawn to the game because of the diverse divisions and entertaining options in the reward pools. Powerball has produced multimillion winners, drawing large numbers of players from South Africa and other countries. The reward pools in Africa, however, fall short of those in western nations due to the disparities in their economies. Nevertheless, the first draw took place in 2009, and the winner took home a huge R30,000,000 prize. The jackpot was eventually rolled multiple times, and in 2010 the possible winnings reached R91,068,427. This sum still remains as a record today. The drawn ball numbers in South Africa’s Powerball were altered from 45 to 50 as of June 2018.

locations to play Powerball

You can play Powerball offline, online, or in physical stores. With the development of technology, lottery gambling has changed, and now players can use their cellphones and other devices to participate in the game. On the other side, a player can play Powerball offline by purchasing a lottery Powerball ticket in a physical store.

The Ithuba National Lottery has real retail locations for players who like to play in person as well as an online presence for players who choose to play remotely.

Powerball game timing

The Powerball draws occur every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 PM, and the jackpots can reach more than R100,000,000. Every day, tickets are available for purchase. However, ticket sales end 30 minutes before the draw starts and resume for the following game after the draw concludes. This means that whether playing online or off, there is a 30-minute time limit before each draw.


Because most South Africans are tech-savvy and own smartphones and other gadgets, many would prefer playing Powerball South Africa online. The straightforward steps below should be followed to register online:

On a smartphone, download the ABSA Banking App. The App is available on the App Store or Google Playstore.

To create a profile and sign in to your account, use the prompts that are provided.

Choose the Lotto or PowerBall option from the home screen’s menu.

Choose the game that you prefer to play.

As an alternative, interested players can sign up for the Powerball in South Africa using the following methods.

by dialling *120*7529# on their mobile phone using USSD.

Website for the National Lottery: It’s important to note that the website offers simple registration instructions.

The retailers for the national lottery is a Mobi site.

to 37070, a prepared text message.

Phone Banking is available by dialling *120*321#.

The banking app for FNB

winning likelihood

Numbers that match, a piece of the reward money, and odds tickets.

1 in 42,375,200 (5 correct Plus PB; 54.46%)

5 – 4.00% – 1 in 2,230,274

4/5 + PB – 2.50% – 1 in 188,334

4/5 – 4.24% – 1 in 9,912

3/5 + PB – 4.80% – 1 in 4,280

3/5 – 4.00% – 1 in 225

2/5 + PB – 3.00% – 1 in 299

5 plus PB – fixed 1 in 57 0/5 + R 15 – fixed R 10 – 1 in 35

Prizes and probability of winning vary between various matches. Every draw has a different set of rewards. They depend on the number of winners and if the jackpot’s eligibility requirements were met. Additionally, it is based on how many tickets were sold. When a player has results with Powerball like a 0 out of 5 or a 1 out of 5, they will receive one of the two fixed payout divisions. The jackpot is won when a player matches every single number, as indicated in the table. As you progress down the table, there are times when this might change.

To the closest R1, all jackpot payouts are rounded. As a result, each submission with numbers that match the Powerball drawings gives the player one chance to win. On the day of the draw, the precise jackpot rollover is announced. The amounts for the other awards are rounded to the closest $10.

As you progress up the table, your chances of winning are getting smaller. This demonstrates that winning the Powerball jackpot is more challenging than winning the Lotto jackpot, so gamble sensibly.

How to Play Powerball

Depending on the player’s preference, Powerball can be played offline or online. Powerball Plus is R2.50 more expensive to play than standard Powerball, which costs R5.

online gaming

The player’s initial step is to create an online lottery account and fund it with money.

Finding the first board and choosing five numbers between 1 and 50 come next.

The player then chooses one Powerball number between 1 and 20 after choosing the numbers.

The number of times the gamer can do this is unlimited.

The player chooses the amount of draws they choose to participate in after selecting their numbers. The player has the option of selecting between the Tuesday draw or the Friday draw.

Click “submit” after selecting your chosen draw.

The player will be told to go to the register. The player is now expected to click the icon that reads “confirm and proceed” in order to put their bets.

offline gaming

A player can visit a number of authorised retail locations.

The player goes to the store and buys a Powerball wager slip. Either the standard bet slip or the “Powerball Plus” bet slip may be used. As a result, the player purchases the ticket of their choice. The player looks at the top of the slip to see if it is a standard ticket or the “Powerball Plus” ticket.

The play designates five numbers starting with board A, similarly to the online placement with the exception that it is done manually. The first grid has integers in the range of 1 to 50.

A number between 1 and 20 is then marked on the second grid by the player. However, the “Quick Pick” option allows the player to expedite the process.

This can be repeated as often as the player likes.

The player then selects the quantity of draws in which they want to take part. To accomplish this, they mark one of the boxes at the top of the bet slip. When the player chooses to participate in just one draw, however, this process is not required.

The player takes the slip to the retail assistant and pays for all the entries after making all the appropriate placements and selections.

The gamer then signs their name on the issued receipt’s back.

Aristocrat: Wild Panda

The game is covered in numerous Chinese cultural icons that are painted in gold over a crimson background. The music on the soundtrack is lovely and definitely has a folk music feel to it. Playing cards from Nine to Ace, golden money, golden ships, a turtle, figurines, a scatter symbol (a gong), and wild symbols are all used as symbols in this game (a fu-bat).

The Fu-Bat Jackpot Feature is activated at random as soon as there are additional Wilds in the game. The more money you have in your coin pot—which is increased by wilds—the better your chances are of hitting a progressive jackpot. Free spins are another option, which four or more Scatters grant. You can start the Picker feature while you are playing the free spins.

Aristocrat: Wild Panda

Aristocrat: Wild Panda

Have you ever encountered someone who despises pandas? Most likely not, we believe. Both cute and enjoyable slot machine themes include pandas. You get to interact with them in their natural setting, a bamboo grove, in this game. The game contains 100 paylines, a 5 by 4 grid, with an RTP of 94.36%. A lucky winner receives 2,000 times their initial wager. Bets vary from 1 cent to 1 ZAR.

Additionally, there are playing cards from Nine to Ace and seven unique symbols. On the cards, the letters P, A, N, and D might occur at random. You enter the Free Spins round when the word PANDA appears on the grid. During the free spins, if you land five pandas, your earnings are increased by 2,000 times. Your wager is multiplied by 1,000 or 500 times depending on how many pandas you have.

Konami’s China Shores

Konami’s China Shores

For fans of pandas, here’s even another fantastic choice. One of the oldest game firms has created China Shores, which is prepared to transport you back to China. With 30 paylines, a standard 53 grid, a 96.1% RTP, and a top prize of 300,000 times the initial wager, this game is played. The range of wagers is 30c to 150 ZAR.

Playing cards from Nine to Ace are represented by symbols, in addition to five unique ones. Of course, there is a panda among the traditional Ying Yang, teacup, lamp, and golden turtle. This game also has Action $tacked Symbols, a function that places several neighbouring spots for each reel.

When the Ying Yang (scatter) symbol appears in combinations of three or more, free spins are awarded. By selecting the Balance of Fortune throughout this feature, you can decide whether to continue and take your earnings with you. You can choose this option only if you have 20 or more free spins left. Wild is a panda-themed symbol.

Microgaming’s Lions Share

Microgaming’s Lions Share

The African Savannah serves as the backdrop for Lions Share, an engaging Microgaming game. The gameplay is easy enough for beginners to appreciate, and the graphics somewhat resemble those of vintage arcade games. The game offers a traditional 33 grid with just one payline, a 95.05% RTP, and an 8,000x top reward. Bets vary from 25c to 5 ZAR.

The limited number of symbols also reflects the straightforward gameplay. Only cherries, three different-sized bar signs, and a lion’s head, which is a unique symbol, are present. Jackpots of 2,000x, 4,000x, and 8,000x are offered for combinations of lions’ heads. This game has a high degree of volatility and encourages risk-taking in its gameplay. The odds of winning increase as the stakes climb.

NetEnt’s Starburst

NetEnt’s Starburst

Since 2012, this enduring favourite from NetEnt has gained new admirers all around the world. The game has an outer space theme and has gorgeously colourful graphics and sound effects. The game has 10 paylines, a regular 53 grid, and an RTP of 96.09%. Bets range from 10 cents to 100 ZAR. The top combination pays out 500 times the initial bet.

Since almost all of the symbols in this game are diamonds spinning on a deep blue background, it has a Bejewelled-like aesthetic. The unique Bar Sphere and 7 Sphere symbols are the exceptions. For this game, NetEnt kept things straightforward; there is only one bonus feature that offers both free spins and re-spins. This game’s updated version, Starburst XXXtreme, which allows players to win up to 200,000x, was published by NetEnt last year.

Before you deposit, try.

Find a huge selection of slots that you can play for free.

Other well-liked gambling activities in South Africa

Since more than 50 years ago, South Africa has permitted land-based casinos. South Africans acquired a liking for the traditional casino games at this time. The most popular casino games in the nation are briefly described below.

Blackjack: South Africans adore blackjack, and it’s undoubtedly one of their top choices when visiting a casino. Another name for it is 21 or Vingt-Un.

Poker: Whether a casino is land-based or online, poker is a requirement. South Africa likewise enjoys enormous popularity for this game. Although there are other variations of this game, Texas Hold’em and Omaha continue to be the most popular.

No other game has a stronger connection to casinos than roulette. It has been around since the Renaissance, and South Africans adore all of its iterations.

Another French card game that is always present in casinos is baccarat.

Keno: The Chinese game of keno functions quite similarly to bingo. Tickets with numbers from 1 to 80 are available.

Video Poker: Video poker is a game that many casino visitors like playing. Using five cards, it is based on draw poker. Video poker comes in a variety of forms, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker.

Best live dealer casinos that welcome South African players:

Gods of Kassu Casino

South African sports betting websites at Woo Casino

South African sportsbooks

The ban on online gambling does not apply to online sports betting. The National Gaming Board must, however, provide licences to internet sportsbooks. In the nation, there are more than 30 legitimate online sportsbooks that provide a huge selection of betting options.

There are no limitations on the types of sports or betting options that can be offered. As a result, gamblers have a respectable selection of possibilities here. Football is the most bet on sport, followed by tennis, rugby, cricket, and table tennis.

These bookmakers are permitted to provide eSports betting as well. For those who want for a game in the off-season, this is wonderful news. 24% of all gambling revenue in the nation is generated by sports betting.

The legal environment for the sports betting business is substantially more accommodating. As a result, it’s also a lot more advanced. Although all of them are mobile-friendly, several of them offer mobile-specific apps.

Here are a few fully authorised sports betting sites providing a secure betting environment:

MansionBet 20


World Sports Betting at Betway